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|| ah, you are my waffle king ||

needles = ew

i was injected with a virus by mean old ladies. we were made to sit in our forms, in alphabetical orders. i waited as our names were called out one by one where we stood to collect our forms. numb i was, numb from fear. NUMB FEAR. i waited, oh how i waited as the number of students slowly dwindled, dwindled to the me. i was the last, the last of over one hundred. i stood, i walked, i collected, i sat and i waited. a teacher asked if i was okay, apparently i looked sick and about to vomit. yay! i asked to get a drink as i waited, but followed i was! they were expecting me to run away. oh the mean words running through my mind. the teacher waited until i was inside and sitting down with the evil old ladies before leaving. evil they were! the asked me questions, my name, my age, my pregnancy possibilities. i contemplated whether to say i was pregnant or not, to free me of such needle-related horrors. however, perhaps they would contact my mumma? and say i was pregnant? but it would be false! and there would be trouble. and THEN, then oh then, they tricked me! oh they fooled me good. "is that your teacher over there?" ' where? ' ::SHAZAMO::  their needle. my skin. their cotton. my blood. their job. my pain. oh the dizziness i felt! told to stay behind by a teacher or two, i hid in the corner of the hall, and dozed. twas a lovely doze.


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