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|| it goes on and on, oh my darling ||

i need help! subject selections are looming and i do not know what to do!
so far ::

must do - op

maths B
- very probably going to fail
+ can drop into A if needed and get tutoring - op

home economics
- hard
+ seems super interesting and covers many subjects - op
- hard and lots of work 
+ possible acquiring of chicken - op
visual arts
possible extra time, before, lunches and after school
+ its art - op

- may have to start school at 8.00 to get into the workshop
+ paint fumes and get to wear cool glasses and weld - op
creative arts
- non op
+ lots of fun, lots of photography, design, sculpture
mordern//ancient history ??
suck at all sose-related subjects, cant justify, havent previously done a history
+ can say 'i do history', wont seem so stupid  and have some background knowledge of something, ANYTHING

please help, can only choose six and i am not freakishly smart and am easily confused. HELP!
 <3 infinite love

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