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|| skin me and start again ||

i want skin so white i could lie in snow and disappear, i could build a house from reflex paper and no-one would see me! i want to be smooth and unblemished, i want my face to feel like flour and look coated in foundation when it's not! i want to look like a porcelain doll, even though they scare me so.  i want long slender fingers and a stomach as small as barbies'. i want an imagination so vivid and wild only you can understand and we would go on adventures that were so amazing it's impossible for any one else to comprehend. i want long stringy hair that comes down to my waist and blows across my face and whips other people when its windy! i want cherry red lips and big green eyes, or a cloudy grey, i dont know. i want to feel beautiful for just a day. 

or i could just be a butterfly *~




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